Purchase Orders - additional notes field

I’m new to Quickfile from Quickbooks. Very pleased so far, but still exploring and experimenting.

I need to add a policy statement to purchase orders. However when creating a new PO, the ‘Additional Notes’ field isn’t displayed. In order to see it, I need to save the PO and then modify it. This action displays the field and I am able to enter the necessary text.

It seems strange that the ‘Additional notes’ field isn’t visible on PO creation. Can anyone tell me how to display it please?

Hello @Olev_Ells

How are you creating the purchase order?

Is this whole section missing? or when you preview the purchase order

Are you copy/pasting text in or manually typing?
Do you get the same issue if you manually type in?

Which web browser are you using?, Do you get the same issue on another browser?

Thank you very much for your ultra-prompt response.

Very odd. I’ve just tried to create a purchase order and the ‘Additional Notes’ field is being displayed on creation. It definitely wasn’t before!

For the record, I was copying/pasting but only once I was able to via the ‘Modify’ button. I am using Chrome.

Hello @Olev_Ells

I could not replicate the issue at my end.

I only asked about copy and paste as sometimes the underlying formatting from the text you copy can cause unexpected tabulations etc.

It is always worth testing in chromes incognito mode (ctrl + shift + n) as all extensions are disabled in this mode.

Thank you. Makes me wonder if the error was my side of the keyboard, but I really think not.

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