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Purchase orders and inventory

Hello Beth, thanks for sorting that out; using category loans now. Next question please, when I am creating a purchase order, what is the inventory bit? Also, is there a way I can input single item values and multiply? eg 30 x straw bales at £2.50 each, so I just pick out straw in an inventory, enter the number of bales we need and obviously it knows the price per bale and then automatically come up the total? Thanks, Donducébjonos

Hi @Donducebjonos,

I have moved this to a new topic to keep different topics separate.

This may help explain: Purchase Order Quantities & Inventory

And this is the guide on how to set your inventory : Setting up reusable inventory items

hope this helps

Thank you so much for your help again Beth, you are a star twice now! All sorted, I will be nagging you again soon I’ll bet! regards, Donducébjonos


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