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Purchase Order Quantities & Inventory

Following on from your feedback we have recently made a number of enhancements to our Purchase Order system.

New quantity field

Perhaps the most frequently requested feature was to be able to specify quantities when generating purchase orders. I’m pleased to say that this is now possible.

Purchase Order Inventory

Another popular request was to add support for Purchase Order inventory items, thus saving time re-keying repeat orders. I’m pleased to say that this has now also been rolled out as of today.

Within the inventory management screen you will now see a drop down menu in the top right allowing you to switch inventory types. You can simply select the Purchase Order option and start creating your inventory items.

To save time we also have a bulk upload option allowing you to upload many inventory items from a CSV spreadsheet file. You can find this option in Account Settings >> Import Data >> Import Inventory Items/Tasks.

We hope these new additions help to speed up your Purchase Order workflow, if you have any further suggestions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Can this not be copied over to the purchase invoice area?


It would be very trivial to do this, we’d just like to run this for a few days on POs and if everything looks stable we’ll extend to PIs.

###Update 6th Jan:

Can confirm that the inventory tool has now been extended to purchase invoices.

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