Purchase orders line item discounts

i have been receiving quotes from supplies that i then have to raise P/O on the line items some of which we do not order as the price means we order them items from another company, these line items receive discounts sand can this be included on the P/O?

I am sure that Estimates and Invoices for the sales ledger can have different discounted amounts that can range from 10% to 95% on any particular item same as the suppliers qoutes to us .

Thank you for your suggestion. We’ll leave this thread open for others to add their comments.

In the meantime, you can include a discount, albeit not a percentage, but in the manner of a negative value line, in a similar way as you can with an invoice. For example, just enter it with a unit price of -10.00 to be counted as a £10.00 discount.

i do not follow there is 30 items each with varying discount from 10% to 95%, how do i enter this. I tried typing over the total with the suppliers line totals ,but then it just knocks out the the figure due to the QTY , the suppliers don’t offer a set discount across all there 9000 the product range it varies.

What I mean by the line discount is a separate line completely with a negative value, similar to this:

However, you would to know the actual amount for this.

But we’ll certainly monitor interest in your feature request and take a closer look at a discount similar to invoices, if the interest is there from the community.

This is something I brought-up a while ago, I believe.

QuickFile did address it to some extent on the invoicing, by introducing a discount for the total amount, but I still think that there is a need for a line-by-line percentage discount option - both for invoicing and POs/Supplier Invoices.

I get supplies from companies that offer varying discounts depending on the item, and I also give discounts in the same manner.

Perhaps it could be a facility that can be switched on or off depending on the particular organisation’s needs - I know there’s nothing worse than receiving an invoice with a “discount” column with nothing in it!

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when making a p/o with 50 items on it i would have to create 50 line discounts as well?

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Not necessarily. You can enter just 1 line for discount if you wish. You’re not restricted in the number of negative lines you have.

thats a lot of calculations for one order and then does not reflect the quote, maybe excel is a better P/O system.

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This is still an open feature request and we’re happy to continue to monitor the interest here. If anything changes, we’ll be sure to post an update in this thread.

But to clarify - are you looking for an overall % discount, or a line-by-line discount?

line by line, as per the example P/o above , thnaks

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I guess this hasn’t been added yet? It would be good to be able to enter a percentage discount line by line. I’ve just started using Quickfile, it was a feature I used a lot in my old software (TASbooks) when I might give a discount on a single item on a long invoice.

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I too would very much be interested in a discount percentage on a line by line basis also. As a plumber I order my materials from different suppliers depending on the cost/availability. Some suppliers - as most recently on an emergency job I attended - provide the invoice with an applied discount depending on the item(s) ordered by me.

But when trying to create an invoice detailing items with different discount rates and items that are not discounted, it causes me more time having to reconcile the final figure by having to work out the actual cost per item/quantity, as this is invariably not detailed on the supplier invoice.

What this also means is that my inventory - per item - costs are both incorrect and need to be overwritten on the invoice. Notwithstanding the overall discount that can be applied (as it is currently), could there not be an easier way to allow a discount to be applied on a per item/line basis?


Hi @foxmulder

You can add your vote for this by clicking the “Vote” button at the top of the page.

Cheers mate, have now done so :+1:

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I’ve just had a further thought on an argument for this feature:

In my line of work I compose a quote and invoice that details two distinct charging streams, notably a Task and an Item. The Task relates to my labour charge(s) which currently have a ‘Minimum’ entry for one standard figure, followed by a standard hourly charge thereafter as a second figure, and sometimes a half hourly figure also. Those entries are my labour or ‘Task’.

Thereafter I compose the ‘Items’ which are the materials required to carry out the job that are chargeable to the client. Everything is broken down for transparency and any discount I receive on materials is passed onto the client and I do not levy a markup on such items.

Sooooo, if I were to rely upon the discount feature as it currently stands - passing on say a 40% discount on materials - this would apply the 40% discount to the entire quote/invoice when calculating the discount, which in effect then discounts my labour charge, which I do not want to take place.

This is my strongest argument for a item specific discount feature on a line by line basis. Not withstanding that the above feature would also discount non-discounted materials also (I definitely don’t want that to happen), the sheer calculator usage involved is become a real headache.

Please please please find it in your hearts to find a solution/workaround for this issue. Please :slight_smile:

p.s. I do really love Quickfile and have been reading and learning so much, ready to make the leap and use this as my dedicated software…but please, be kind to my humble plea for help…

You can add a line item with a negative figure and call it discount. That’s a work around for now.

Labour £x
Materials £y
Discount £-z