Purchase orders select delivery address


I often ask my supplier to deliver goods direct to my customer under plain cover. It would be really useful if there was a way to select the delivery address from a dropbox within the purchase order?


We can certain look at this should other users also add their vote. Unfortunately I can’t promise anything at this stage, we are working through a long list of feature implementations at the moment.

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Thanks Glenn, I am currently with Kashflow but am looking to change, this feature would definitely make my life easier!

Hi! I am new to Quickfile and was searching for delivery address help; we definitely have need for billing and delivery/shipping addresses, so if this is a possibility it would be very gratefully received.
Thanks for listening to the requests of users - which seems very proactive.

This also too would be of great help, since we drop ship for some clients, on other software we have used we have 3 options

  1. Main billing address
  2. Saved addresses (Address of regular clients of my client that we ship to on their behalf)
  3. On the fly add new delivery address, with the option to add it to the clients saved addresses with a unique REF.

Our desktop software we use has the option to display on our invoices both or only one of the “Invoice to” and “Deliver to:” addresses.

This feature would definitely be useful and gets my vote. Keep up the good work Glenn :smile:

Purchase Orders seem to be a forgotten part of QuickFile. We would find massive value in the ability to select a “Deliver To” field from our list of client contacts.

We are currently having to add this information in manually in to the Notes section and it is a bit cumbersome… The whole process could be streamlined with simple integration into the existing client contacts list for the customer in question.

I can’t imaging it would be overly complicated to implement this functionality and would greatly enhance the functionality of the Purchase Orders section.

I have several customers with several different delivery addresses. We would definitely appreciate this ability to be added to the next round of your developments please.

As I’ve run out of votes (we only get 3 ?) this is my +1 for this feature

I’ve just had another purchase order delivered to the wrong address (went to the registered office) despite having the DELIVER TO in the ADDITIONAL NOTES. We operate multiple brands under a single registered company, and it is absolutely critical that the DELIVERY address appears at the top of the order, otherwise people don’t take the notes at the bottom seriously.

Please consider the feature request; otherwise we’re going to have to move to another accounting platform.

I really like Quickfile, but it’s small things like this that are costing us money due to returns and delays.

Hi @nisiwi

I’ve merged your request with this existing thread. You can add your vote by clicking the “Vote” button at the top of the page.

Ok, thanks. Vote limit reached. Don’t see this getting supported in the near term if it’s relying on votes so I’ll need to find another solution.