Purchase reference not showing on quotation PDF

I can see a purchase reference in invoices but not in quotes? Why is this?

What I want is to have a reference that my client gives me that will be seen in quotes and invoices.

I just need a field box similar to purchase ref that I can fill with words and numbers.

Can this be done?

A purchase order number is usually issued by the client when they agree a sale. In fact when they agree the quotation in their control panel they can supply a purchase reference along with any additional instructions.

Does this reference then show up on the estimate itself or in the invoice?

Is this a different reference from the one that is currently in invoices?

I would still like to be able to add in the order reference before clients accept a quote.

It means less work and easier for clients which is a good thing.

I retracted my previous post. It seems purchase references can be included on estimates.

When the estimate/quote gets converted to an invoice it will carry over.

I can see this purchase reference box when creating a quote but it does NOT show up in the estimate anywhere.

this is the issue!

IF this box is available in estimates and you have the tick box in the invoice layouts to show it it should show up in estimates as well as invoices. Otherwise you should give a different layout page for estimates and invoices so i can adjust each separately. Why you have one invoice layout for both I don’t understand especially if some of those features are not available in both layouts

Sorry, you are correct! Trying to juggle too many things here and not giving this the due attention.

OK this is a simple fix! I’ve reverted this to a bug and we should get this resolved by the end of today.

Great, Thank you very much

This has now been updated on live and the purchase reference should now be fully visible on quotations.