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Purchase_Search API Status needs to support all possible values


In the API Purchase_Search method not all of the possible values for the search parameter “Status” are supported. For example in the return results an invoice can have status “CREDITED” which is not an acceptable value in the request’s “Status”. Therefore if you use “Status” you will never see “CREDITED” invoices.

Suggestion: Either add CREDITED to the possible status search requests or have CREDITED returned when requesting PAIDFULL.

Suggestion 2: It would be handy if “Status” was an array so we could request a range of different invoice types. CREDITED and PAIDFULL are closely related types, for example.


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Hello @Nurg

I would imagine this mimics the web interface at the moment, where “CREDITED” isn’t actually available. I will however put this suggestion forward as I agree this will be useful.

Regarding the array, we can certainly consider this but will leave this thread open for others add their vote for this feature.

@Nurg - We’ve added both “CREDIT” and “CREDITED” to the interface and the API. This should now be live - would you mind testing it and letting me know if this works all OK for you please?


Hi, apologies missed the update. That works great! Many thanks.


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