Purchase tagging showing VAT rate when I'm not VAT registered

A new drop down box has appeared on the purchase tagging page. I assume it refers to vat as the standard figure is 20% with other options.
I only noticed it this month but it is a nuisance. We are not vat registered so I have to reduce the figure to 0% for each entry but, worse than that, when I press 0% in the drop down, nothing happens. It stays at 20%. I have to press 5% then 0% each time.
Can I remove this feature altogether please?

Yes by turning off the vat settings. If you’re not vat registered they shouldn’t even be turned on.

You will cause all sorts of issues come year end if you leave it on when you’re not vat registered.

I haven’t knowlingly turned the vat settings on and it looks like you do that by entering a vat number in Basic Settings - which I haven’t done.

If the settings aren’t turned on then there must be an issue as you shouldn’t have the option to select vat

Hi @markt

I’ve managed to replicate this and have logged it with our development team.

However, because you’re not VAT registered, the VAT percentage here doesn’t do anything. The actual invoice when you create it (regardless of the % selected) should still be 0%.

@markt - This should now be resolved.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you encounter any further issues.

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Thank you Paul and Mathew for your help with this.

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