Purchases created from receipts


Can I just understand if there is a particular reason why purchases need to be created manually from or ahead of receipts? Surely this can be automated.


Hi @Kazik

In what sense were you looking to automate this?

Hi Matt,

Why do I need to create a purchase order each time that I have a receipt? It seems like ludicrous waste of time. Why can I not just upload a receipt and the purchase order be created automatically?


The purchase order is more or less created automatically. You just have to confirm the amount and the supplier and what the purchase is about. If you don’t do it how should the software know to which supplier to post that invoice, and what the price is and so on?
There is a little helper if you upload your receipt on a desktop. It is a little magic wand at the top right corner on the page where you tag your receipt. But, as far as I know, it is still in beta. But for my uploads it is working ok. It doesn’t work with word documents but otherwise it is fine. Also, it is a learning process, at the beginning you have to tell the software most details but it becomes better over time. For some invoices I haven’t to enter anything, it just pops up and I have to confirm it.

Hope this helps

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