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Purchases from shops


Apologies if this has already been covered but I couldn’t find it anywhere.

We don’t purchase stock or raw materials or similar so we don’t generate sales orders. We do buy things from shops using the business debit card (office supplies for example).

When tagging items from my bank statement, if I choose something else not on this list then it doesn’t allow me to input VAT. Does this mean that I need to create a sales order for every purchase and then tag the bank entry to it?

Thank you.


In order to record vat yes, you do have to create a purchase record.

There are many ways to do that but it shouldn’t be more than a few clicks in any case. When tagging the bank entry you can do “payment to a supplier” then “new purchase” and enter a few details, and it’ll create a purchase dated the same date as the bank transaction. But personally I tend to work from the receipt hub side, uploading the scan of the receipt, creating a purchase from that in the receipt hub (not marking it paid at that point), then tagging the bank as “payment to a supplier” should let you link the payment with one click.


Thank you for the explanation.


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