QF mails going to junk -> AWS on a spam list


I noticed all my QF mails were not being received, in testing the headers it seems the outgoing servers that QF is using on AWS are on the 0SPAM and SORBS blacklists.

Indeed, even the registration email for this forum was tagged as SPAM.

Please can you take a look ASAP?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi @mcomsystems

Thank you for your post.

As you’re probably aware, as the email service is run by Amazon, it’s not something we would have control over, unfortunately.

Looking at your link, there are 2 out of 86 blacklists that that specific IP address is listed (bear in mind, Amazon uses more than one IP address), with the one listed being 0SPAM and SORBS (ones you mentioned).

AWS do actively monitor these lists, so it’s likely to be resolved shortly.

If you’re interested, Amazon has some more detail on it in their FAQ (Q4).

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It’s been on the list for quite a while, unfortunately.

It’s a consistent trend on these forums to have issues with mail going to junk, I do pay for the QF product. Is there a better way of QF doing it? I don’t want to have unreliable mail delivery, not do I want to run my own SMTP server. I get you might not want the hassle for customers on the free product, but paid power users such as myself - can you improve the SMTP delivery mechanism?

Hi @mcomsystems

The SMTP set up is a standard method of sending emails - it doesn’t differ too much from how you set up emails in an email client (like Windows Mail for example).

However, feedback is always welcome. Are there any particular issues you’ve faced with the SMTP setup?

I use Office365, so I don’t use SMTP directly.

I could link it to an SMTP account on office365, however the “from” address is a group alias not a real account, passwords are changed regularly on the account etc. I like the idea of QF being a “hosted service” that “just works” without the need to tie it to anything else

That’s more than fine - SMTP isn’t a required feature, and you can continue using the QuickFile set up without any issues.

It’s worth noting that blacklists generally don’t affect whether an email goes to spam or not, but rather the deliverability of the email. So if it was the blacklist causing an issue, it’s likely it wouldn’t even get as far as your account. If you’ve received the email, then I think there would be something else causing an issue here, such as the content of the email.

Are you using the standard QuickFile email templates, or have they been customised?

Minor customisations on the template - I just added an “(Inc VAT)” to the Total line

Here is the Office365 spam header - it’s been marked as SPAM and SPOOFED


Hi @QFMathew - any further thoughts on this seeing as it’s using the default templates and setup?

I’m discussing this with our development team to see if they can help any further. As soon as I have any updates I’ll post them here.

Awesome, thanks :slight_smile:

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I’ve set up SMTP via O365, using an app password (as I’m using MFA), and it does seem to be working currently with the correct reply-to address.

Still interested to hear about developments on your side :slight_smile:

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