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QF Newbie...receipt hub


I apologise for this very basic question! I am having so many issues with trying to start my accounting with QF. And now I have a new one…When I upload receipts to the receipt hub - how do I add the amount??? I have discovered how to attach the receipts to my purchases, but in the receipt hub, I don’t see how to add the amount? (Well, I did warn you it was a basic question)



You enter the amount as the first step in the tagging process - it then offers you all the purchases that match that total to choose from, or you can enter a new one.



Ah - and you can’t ‘tag’ items until you have uploaded bank statements? Thereby hangs my first problem! I have an HSBC current account (not a business account) and can only download statements in PDF. I then convert them (using Zamzar.com) to CSV…but when I upload them to QF, I get the message that they are corrupted in some way…

There was an error processing your file
The CSV file appears to be corrupt.
Error: The CSV appears to be corrupt near record ‘42’ field '9 at position ‘1759’. Current raw data :

I have spent so many hours on this problem already…can you help me!!!



Hello @Mitramonday

PDFs aren’t designed to be converted to another format such as CSV, so the chances of it converting well are slim I’m afraid. I would certainly raise this issue with HSBC, although I have no doubt they will address this in the future to help make data more portable.

With a document in the receipt hub, you have 2 options:

  • Attach it to an existing purchase invoice
  • Create a new one

If you are creating a new one from within the receipt hub, you can mark it as paid there and then, which will create a tagged bank transaction for you as a result.

The truth is - there are quite a few different ways to enter your data in QuickFile. Creating documents and marking them as paid from the receipt hub is just one, creating purchases manually is another, importing bank statements is certainly another. We’ve made it to be pretty flexible to adapt to the way people work.

An easier approach to getting your bank transactions into QuickFile, may be to use the bank feed from Yodlee (see here for details). These can pull your details in automatically for you. However, I do recommend looking at a separate bank account. It may cost a little bit more, but it makes things easier to manage, especially if you have a query come in from HMRC.

We have some more information on features and pricing on a select number of banks, here:



Thank you so much for your detailed reply! It seems I need to do some more in-depth studying as to how to use QF efficiently! I have made an attempt at opening a business account with HSBC but with little success so far…it seems that you have to apply online (not a problem) BUT if you already have a current account with them, you have to telephone their Business Account Department - and, guess what, they’re opening hours are Monday-Friday, 9-5 (not great if you’re trying to get your business up and running!!). Still, I will persevere and thank you again for your reply!


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