QIF import failure to Barclays

Hi Just started to use Quickfile. Barclays fees work perfectly but historic data doesn’t seem to be available to download form Barclays. QIF import fails with error 'There was an error processing your file. Please check with you system Administrator. Any advice please.


Any reasons why you’re not using the CSV option? It works very well for Barclays.

I had a look at the QIF that Barclays issued and compared it with the QIF spec and it has some odd prefixes that don’t appear on the spec.



I don’t see any U- on the spec. at all?

Hi Glenn. Sorry I did not write a clear message. I am trying to import from Quicken 2004 which appears only to have a QIF export option and it is this that fails on import into Quickfile. My comment about Barclays was that the only way of downloading historic data beyond two months was as pdfs. Stephen

And Quicken don’t have a CSV export option?

The format you’re using unfortunately won’t work with QuickFile unless you manually edit it in Notepad removing those U- prefixes. You could also try Googling QIF to CSV convertor.

Have edited out the U- prefixes but still no joy. I can convert the qif to csv but that also wont import. Is there a cvs template so I can see what columns are needed, what the column headers are etc so I can edit out the extraneous data?

For the CSV you’d need 3 headers.

  • Date (dd/mm/yyyy)
  • Description
  • Amount (negative for debits)

You can then import to the bank and select “other”, this will allow you to manually map the columns. Let me know if you get stuck.

Success. Thanks for your help. Your help is on a par with the product. Both excellent

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