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Query on purchase invoices and VAT returns

This is only the second VAT return I’ve had to do under MTD and I’m struggling to make the figures match. I think I have an issue with which VAT return an invoice goes against.

As far as I can see, there are three dates associated with each purchase I make

  1. The invoice date
  2. The date I enter it into Quickfile
  3. The date I pay it.

Which one of these determines which VAT return it goes on?

i.e if I order something on account towards the end of a quarter, type the details into Quickfile a week later, and then pay it 30 days after the invoice date, making it after the end of the quarter, which return will it go on?

Thank you.

It depends on what VAT scheme you are on as one will take invoice date and one will take payment date as the date to enter the transaction on the VAT return.

The date you enter it onto Quickfile is irrelevant (unless you enter it after the VAT return for the period it should have been in has been submitted). When you enter it on Quickfile you enter the tax point/invoice date and the payment is linked to a transaction on the date you paid it.

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Thank you. How do I check to see which VAT Scheme I’ve got QF set to? I’m not sure I’m on any VAT scheme other than the default.

You would need to check with HMRC what scheme you are on and set the VAT settings in Quickfile accordingly.

Thanks Lurch.

I’m on Cash Accounting and Quickfile is set to this, so apparently it takes the payment date and not the invoice date. So all good here.

Unfortunately, I now don’t know where the anomaly is as I thought it was due to dates. Is there some way of downloading a report of the entries Quickfile is using to do the VAT return?

That’s what the “export” button on the VAT return preparation screen does (it might be called “download calculations” if your account is still on the old-style green VAT form rather than the new white one).

:grinning: Sorry about that, I thought it meant Export the VAT return so I had a copy, just pressed it and it’s exactly what I want.

I spent an hour yesterday trying to find a “report” that did it. Perhaps I should just ask the more knowledgeable people sooner

Thanks @ian_roberts

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Arguably the old name of “download calculations” was more obvious as to what the button will do.

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It would certainly have prompted me to click on it sooner :grinning:

Thanks for all the help, I think I’ve isolated the issue (Me), just need to double check and hopefully get this one filed and forgotten

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