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Questions for Receipts, VAT and charges


Could I ask:
1- What app should the client use to capture the expenses receipts (I think the Receipt bank app dose not connect to the QF), and does the app automatically enter the amounts and the VAT in the QF or do the amounts need to be entered manually?
2- Could the QF produce a report which could group the different VAT rates used for the EU countries VAT rates on the sales, which then, these figures can be used for submitting for the VAT MOSS reporting from the HMRC online for a client?
3- We have added an affinity account in th QF without any clients with just our own practice showing, however it shows costs of XS charge £1.27. If in future we add a client as XS can we delete this one so only charged for the clients and not the practice?

Many thanks


Hello @KAAB1

This is entirely up to your client. There are a few ways to import receipts into QuickFile, namely Dropbox and email. Dropbox in itself has a “document scanner” feature which would import straight into your account. Both options can be enabled in the account - I’ve included a link to guides for both below, plus one for the CamScanner app too:

There is no QuickFile specific app, so I can’t say for certain. As far as I’m aware, there isn’t an app that would do this for you, but I could be wrong.

Regarding Receipt Bank - we’re more than happy to work with them to set up an integration, but it has to be done from their end. I would suggest letting them know you’d be interested in a link up with QuickFile.

You can record multiple VAT rates, but there isn’t a report that could do this. You could however use project tagging (which can be set up as defaults on clients too).

You can find guides for these here:

Each QuickFile account connected to an Affinity account is charged at a standard rate based on it’s size. As it’s calculated daily, you will only be charged for each day it’s connected. So if you were to remove it, you would no longer be charged for it through Affinity, but it may be liable for the Power User Subscription (please see our pricing page in regards to individual account pricing).

More details about the Affinity billing can also be found here: Billing explained

I hope this helps, but please do let us know if you have any further queries.


Could I ask the below questions please:
1- In the affinity account dashboard when we created a new profile (in order to open a QF bookkeeping account for a client. Is the profile the same as opening an account for a client) , The QF gave the below message. Do we need to create a a new Affinity for each client or it can be done from the same affinity with all the clients under one dashboard?
“The email supplied has already been registered to a QuickFile account. (as we used our own email initially for the client, then we can use his email later)
To register multiple companies under a single control panel please open a new Affinity account”

2- How do we immigrate the clients on other cloud software to QF such as clients on the Xero and their auto direct bank feed is say HCBC bank?

3- How do we delete a client in the QF and that not to show on the dashboard ?

4- after deleting a client or stop using the QF how can we access the clients data in the future as the data have to be kept for 7 years?

5- How do we access the affninty account login as each time we login, it is the company we accessed before


A QuickFile profile is the same as a standalone QuickFile account. They can be attached and removed from Affinity and work either independently or through 1 Affinity account. The Affinity account would be for your practice and each profile would be for a client’s accounts (e.g. one per limited company, sole trader, partnership etc.).

However, each team member on these accounts needs to have a unique email address, so where one person manages multiple QuickFile profiles, they would need to use different email addresses.

A bank feed can be added on. It’s available for the individual user to purchase through their account (see more here), or you can add it on to your account and be billing as part of your daily fees. You can then include this as part of your package to your client if you wish (more info here).

Detaching a profile would be the way to do this. However, please bear in mind that if the Affinity account is the owner of the account, it may be scheduled for deletion. You should see a warning about this before proceeding.

As above, if a profile is detached from Affinity and the Affinity account is the owner, it may be scheduled for deletion. You can back up the data in the account at any time however by following this guide. Most of the reports can also be exported in .csv format too.

Affinity can be accessed through https://affinity.quickfile.co.uk. This will allow you to access each of the connected accounts rather than going to the individual account log in pages.


Cloud I ask, is there any QF App for the clients to download on their mobile phones so they can access the QF on their smart mobile phone please?


We don’t have an app at the moment I’m afraid, only the web access.


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