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Create a data backup schedule



With QuickFile you can schedule a weekly, monthly or on-demand backup that will capture a snapshot of all your data and email it to you as single Zip file or deposit it into your Dropbox account.

Doesn't QuickFile backup my data anyway?

Yes we backup all your data every 15 minutes to an offsite location. This is in the unlikely event of a system failure. The Email/Dropbox backup facility is there to give you extra peace of mind by allowing you to retain a local copy of your data.

You can see what we’re backing up and when here

In what format will the backup arrive?

The backup will arrive to you as a Zip file that will contain a series of CSV spreadsheets (readable on Microsoft Excel). Each spreadsheet will contain a facet of data as described below.

  • All bank account statements stored in unique CSV files (Includes Petty cash, and loan accounts).
  • Client Ledger
  • Supplier Ledger
  • Sales Ledger
  • Purchase Ledger
  • Sales Receipts
  • Purchase Receipts
  • Journal entries where applicable
  • Project Tag Overview (optional)

How do I switch the automatic backups on?

Click on Account Settings on the top navigation bar, and select All Settings. This will show a list of all settings on your account. Within the account settings main page you will see an option ‘Weekly/Monthly Backups’. Click this link and you will see a simple form where you can input the start date and specify the frequency (e.g. weekly or monthly).

If you would like an on-demand backup, once you’ve set up your schedule, you will see an option to “Run Now”. This will take a few minutes and will then either email you a copy of your new backup, or upload it to Dropbox - depending on your settings.

What about all the documents I have scanned and uploaded to QuickFile?

You can also manually request an archive of all your scanned documentation from the document management area. This tool allows you to keep a local backup of all your receipts, letters, statements and anything else you’ve uploaded to the QuickFile document management area.

Click here to find out more about obtaining a document archive.

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