Quick File Credit Payments - How to Categorise

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I was just curious as to how purchases made within the QuickFile Credit Manager should be handled/ I thought that these would be automatically handled by QuickFile i.e. creating and assigning the invoice to the supplier (QuickFile) but I see that isn’t the case, and just wanted to check how I should deal with them.

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Sorry, not sure what you mean by “Quick File Credit Manager”, can you elaborate on this please?

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Sure, so if I buy credit for the QuickFile Platform here subdomain.quickfile.co.uk/secure/account/qfCredit.aspx how would I enter this to the system, I had presumed that as it is all within QuickFile that it would have been integegrated so that the purchase would be logged automatically and a PDF would be linked with the transaction, but this isn’t the case?

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Oh I see… Credit purchases made in Quick File are not automatically factored into your accounts, primarily because we would have no way of knowing what bank account to post them to.

All you need to do here is find the transaction on the bank (when you upload your statement or import your feed) and tag them as a payment to a supplier, enter Quick File Ltd as the supplier name and categorise the purchase as ‘Hosting Fees and IT Consumables’.

Hope that helps!

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