Quick File is Slow to Work - Freezing

For the last 7 days, Quick File hasn’t been working properly.
It will be slow to open and continues to be slow to process any information put into the accounts.
So much so, it ‘freezes’ and any information i have put in to the system has been lost.
It doesn’t matter what I am doing in Quick File - any transaction is causing this error.
I cant continue to use the system as i keep losing information.
Is anybody else having these issues as I cannot seem to find a solution to the problem.

No, nothing here, are you sure its not your system and net connection playing slow?

Everything else is working fine, just Quick File.

I can access other sites fine so it has puzzled me why Quick File isn’t working like it normally does.

I have never had this problem before.

May be check your anti virus setting for quick file url

Many thanks for the advice.

I shall have to get IT dept to investigate futher for me.

We’re not noticing any slow down over here and I haven’t heard of any other reports from users. Are you noticing this when performing specific tasks or is it generally slow to open every page? I just pinged a few key areas on your account but all the pages loaded in under a couple of seconds.

Hi Glenn,

Thank you for looking into this.

It is generally slow to perform any task.

This is only happening with Quickfile, no other site.

I am currently watching an invoice trying to save and it just isnt doing it.

I am waiting on IT dept to look into it again from our end.

Thank you again for your assistance.

It looks like you’re using the latest version of Chrome so no issue there!

Occasionally these issues are ISP related, or I should say, the route between the ISP and our data-center. This would explain why other sites are running fine and other users are unaffected. If you use a different internet connection it would almost certainly fix the issue… I know, easier said than done!

If it was something on our side our internal dashboard would be lit up with errors.