Quick Search box show newest item at top of list

When using the Quick Search box to jump to client/supplier or invoice/estimate the results show the oldest at the top of the list, if the results could be shown with newest at the top this would usually be more relevant.

A/c **451

QuickSearch “blue p”

Estimates - #00007, #00008, #00025, #00032, #00047
Invoices - #000505, #000548, #000582, #000611, #000639

Hi @alan_mcbrien

Thank you for the suggestion! We’ll leave this topic open to see what other interest there is from the community.

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No one has shown any interest in this suggestion as yet, but as more invoices are added to a client/supplier the Quick Search box only shows the first 10 items, so it is possible to jump to an old invoice but not to recent invoices.

Would really improve the search box if the newest was at the top.

A further example of the limitation of the “Quick Search” calling the oldest Sales/Purchase reference. The quick search box only shows ten results when searching, e.g. “Electricity” but these are not from the current accounting period, but go back to the oldest. If going via Purchases - Advanced Search in “Description” for electricity there are 83 results.

Please would you look at changing “Quick Search” so that the newest are called rather than the oldest.

Hi @alan_mcbrien

I will pass this feedback onto the development team for you :slight_smile:

This posting seems to be unimportant as no one has shown any interest but my previous comments apply.

The feature request that I would like to be implemented is a re-sort of how “Quick Seach” box provides a return, this does not seem a big ask.

Looking up a previous client’s invoice would be so much easier if when doing a “Quick Search” the most current Estimate/Invoice was at the top of the list, then it is just a click away. At the moment the search returns the first Estimate/Invoice that was issued to them and then lists the other estimates and invoices working back from the oldest, and as there is a maximum of 10 results per “Quick Search” then as more data is entered the most current do not appear.

User since January 2013 so this 10 limit back to front search box should have an update.

The method for naming the “Estimate/Invoice Name” on SALES is the client’s address in a short form, an example;

Quick search…“coedm” not displaying the client’s details in full, the dates do not appear in the search result;

Search result…
31/01/2015 #00042
05/03/2015 #000617
20/08/2019 #000939
22/06/2019 #00241

So the search result at present is neither in order of the issue date or the item number (6 digits for INVOICE/5 digits for ESTIMATE), really quite strange how the order is called up, but requires another review of this area of QF.

To date 517 views of this topic, hopefully the newly introduced “Vote” button may sway the the way for this application. PLEASE VOTE FOR THIS FEATURE chaps…Bon Weekend!