QuickFile Affinity - Unable to login after password reset - reset password email received but unable to log in


I am unable to log in to Affinity, I setup an account around 12 months ago but never used it, I tried to register with the same email and it notified me that I have an account, so I did a password reset and received the email with the new password but am unable to log in - incorrect username or email message.

On another note, I have three separate quick file accounts, once I setup affinity I can import them all in is that right? Or will I have to start from scratch on them?



Hi Hora,

Once you’ve logged into your affinity you can link the QuickFile accounts. The Affinity account just acts as another user for the QuickFile accounts.

For logging in, you need to use the email address as the username and you need to make sure you’re logging in to affinity.quickfile.co.uk

Thanks @QFBeth , that’s right, I am logging onto https://affinity.quickfile.co.uk with my registered email which is the same as the one I receive a new password on (also showing the affinity.quickfile.co.uk link)

Can’t think I am doing anything wrong, might be locked or something as it has been inactive for so long

One of my quick file accounts has the same email but don’t think this should make a difference, it is definitely affinity I am resetting password and trying to log in from?


It may be best to clear your browser cache just incase this is interfering with anything.

If you are still having problems if you could send a message to @QFSupport with your Affinity account number then I can take a look and reset the password manually with you

Thanks, let me try another browser first and will then message.

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