Quickfile API with Gocardless sandbox URL

When client details are retrieved using Client_Get API,
GoCardlessDetails > NewSignUpUrl returns Gocardless url.

Is it possible to use Sandbox Gocardless url here for testing purpose?

I need this url

instead of this

Hi @tom_44

Thank you for the suggestion. I don’t think at this stage that we’ll be able to support this, as the URL would need to be changed in quite a few places (from handling sign-ups, to taking payments, and processing GoCardless webhooks).

I would, however, encourage anyone interested in this, to post their support below so we can monitor this.


Thanks for your assistance, we have been able to do the basic functionality we need so far.

We have now got the step of creating the invoice, as a draft with gocardless setup.

Can you provide api to do the following as I can’t find it on Invoice API Methods :

How do we now tell the particular invoice to be:

  • Set as ‘sent’, rather than draft


For anyone looking for an answer to this, @tom_44 did also send a private message to us, where we responded with the below:

You would use Invoice_Send but set both SendByEmail and SendBySnailMail to false

Invoice_Send API Schema