Quickfile app not pulling up recently added suppliers when capturing photo of receipts to enter

I now use QuickFile app to capture paper copies of receipts and invoices instead of Dropbox as First problem - Dropbox won’t use pdf formula any more, just jpegs now, which are much larger files, for storage purposes it will fill free Dropbox much quicker this way. Can’t seem to find a way to convert them on mobile phone to HEIC files. Any help on this would be great, I have looked on internet, but for starters can’t find the gear sign on mobile phone, which is where to go initially to change file format.
Second problem - since using the QuickFile app to capture images and enter paper copies of receipts etc, it can’t find any new suppliers that I have added since installing the app, hopefully there’s any easy fix for this that I don’t know about - like refreshing the app somehow?
Many thanks

Hello @Joblc

Dropbox won’t use pdf formula any more

I’m not sure what you mean by this

Can’t seem to find a way to convert them on mobile phone to HEIC files.

I did find this on the web for you, please keep in mind this website has nothing to do with QuickFile.https://heictojpg.com/
NOTE browse in your file and wait then click on the DOWNLOAD JPEG option (don’t click download in the canter of the screen). I tested it and it worked fine for me

like refreshing the app somehow?

It should refresh after a while, but you can force it in the settings, her is another forum post on your issue.

I meant that in the past couple of weeks, a photo I take through the dropbox app now automatically save as a jpeg using say 2.3 MB as opposed to a pdf which uses say 200-300 KB.
So until I can work out on Dropbox on mobile phone I have switched over to using the Quickfile app, as “Supplier” mentioned an added supplier (since installing the app in my case anyway) is unable to assign the receipt to that supplier.
The recent suppliers added on web interface do appear on app in list of suppliers but do not appear when trying to assign receipt to supplier when photographing it through the app.
Also please note that the background App refresh is switched on in iPhone for Quickfile app. I have also looked for app updates in App Store and none available.
So problem is still there.

Good news, there is now a “Dropbox Scan” app for iPhones, and it saves them as a PDF. I’m not sure if it’s available for Androids yet. You can just scan the receipt and forward it to relevant folder in your Dropbox. Problem 1 solved. I use this if I have entered the purchase already on pc and want to add the image of it afterwards.
However, if I want to photo the receipt and input date, amount, reference etc, the Quickfile app is not finding recently added suppliers.

Hi again, so problem is not solved. On my iPhone 7, suppliers that have been added since installing the app appear in the list of suppliers, but do not when looking to assign a photo of a receipt. I installed the app on my husbands iPhone 11 and it all works fine. We both have latest iOS update. Do you think you could confirm either way - is this as my iPhone is older OR is there something that needs to be ironed out within your tec department.
Best wishes, Jo

Hello @Joblc

I am unable to replicate the issue at my end.

As its working on your iPhone 11 and not the iPhone 7 with the same data/account, you have managed to narrow it down to the device/app install.

It may be down to the App cache.
Try to clear the cache in the app.

If you go into the settings area, you should see an option to do this. But please let us know if you need any help.

Delighted to say - this has done the trick.
2 options I found on the internet to clear cache in an app, the second one worked -
on iphone
iphone storage
then find the app, open
1st suggestion was to press offload app app (and then re-install) - this did not fix problem
2nd was to press delete app.
Then I reinstalled app from app store and hey presto, problem solved.

Hello @Joblc

Thanks for sharing.

Hopefully this will help other users of the forum in the future.

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