QuickFile bank statement not showing correct amount


Can you help?

I have been inputting all my transactions for the last 2 months, everything has been fine, however the QuickFile bank account statement page is not showing the correct balance between a set of dates in December 2013.

My bank account statement shows that there should be a balance of £1276.19 on the 13th December, this is right, however on the 18th of December my bank account statement shows a balance of £632.51 but the quickFile bank statement page shows a balance of £632.60, a defferance of 0.9p.

I have checked, double checked and triple check the 7 transactions between the 2 dates, i cant see a problem.

Can you offer any advice


It must be a transposition error, such as £8.89 being entered as £8.98, I would recommend checking once more.

If you’re still having problems with the balance, let me know and i’ll send you a private message to provide me with the data to check.


Thank you for responding

I have found the mistake, i have been doing my accounts for 2 days solidly, i think i just needed a rest