Quickfile Colour Sceme

In my accounts the colour scheme has gone all pastel for the “Tagged” and “Tag Me” buttons which I am assuming is a Quickfile decision.

It’s wishy-washy in my opinion. I much preferred the strong green and red.

So just checking if I can revert back or is it an “all user” thing?



It’s been changed for all users. The colours have been used elsewhere on our platform for some time.

However, if you have a Power User Subscription you can use some custom CSS to change it to something else if you wish. Just let us know if you need any help.

Yes I’m a Power User Subscriber so please advise how I can change.

I haven’t noticed elsewhere, but when tagging which I do daily, I’m noticing it is unclear - I have to second glance - taking more time - so I would like to revert if I can.

If you go to Account Settings >> Design Customisation >> Advanced CSS & HTML Customisation, select Global CSS from the left hand list.

For the tagging buttons (on the bank statement view), there are two things you need to change. Each one has a border colour and a background colour.

.taggedButton {
    background-color: #C8E6C9 !important;
    border-left: solid 4px #388E3C !important;
.tagmeButton {
    background-color: #FFCDD2 !important;
    border-left: solid 4px #DC4C64 !important;

The colours, if you’re not familiar with it, are hex values. A quick and easy way to find them is to use Google, like this page -


Just move the circle around in the coloured area and copy the hex code, popping it in the colours in the CSS above.

Hope that helps! If there are any other colours you want to change, just let us know and we’ll point you in the right direction.

OK THanks.

I’ll consider doing, but I’ll hang fire, and see if I am a lone voice and it’s not just the issue I highlighted. The “same as last invoice” I’ve just noticed is also pastel and quite faint - compare to “+ expand” in bold lower down the screenshot.

HI Mathew, is there a step missing here after choosing Global CSS …as I cannot see anything that can be changed? This is for my own user.
The colours are a little light coloured for my liking. I will also need instruction for the Affinity global client list too if possible.

Hi @Bagpipe

Apologies, I should have made it clearer.

There’s nothing to edit in that, but rather you can add to it.

The code I included above can be copy and pasted, and then edited, to suit your needs and override the default in place.

We don’t offer a way to edit this on a global level for Affinity users, but you’re welcome to start a Feature Request for it.

Had a go at this but with no luck on my own user… not used to CSS. Must admit to not liking the new colours
at all. The fact that I have numerous clients on Affinity means I may have to get used to it. Perhaps it could have offered a personal choice for users rather than implementing globally?


agree its wishy washy, the previous colours were easier to read and visually punchier, can we have a toggle to revert back to the old style perhaps??


Sorry but not a fan, if it aint broke dont fix it.
Not against pastel colours, but these are so dull the confirm and tag me just blend into one.

Also not a fan of the extra spacing per row. sorry to sound so negative this morning !



Changed mine to this and reduced the spacing.

Any chance you can send me the CSS coding for this as I preferred the stronger colours too?


Glad its not just me that finds the colours blend into one!

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.taggedButton {
    background-color: #69D94B !important;
    border-left: solid 4px #69D94B !important;
.tagmeButton {
    background-color: #E64F4F !important;
    border-left: solid 4px #DC4C64 !important;

.tagConfirmButton {
    background-color: #EFD43A !important;
    border-left: solid 4px #F4A217 !important;
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I’m definitely grabbing this. As much as the new colours might be consistent with other parts of the UI/UX, they just don’t make important information stand out as effectively the old colours. Also, the new spacing just reduces usability without improving readability in any meaningful way.


Many thanks…I will give this a try

Just to add my tuppence worth - I preferred the stronger colours from before also.


Not a fan of the new colour scheme - not user friendly. Colours needs to be distinct and obvious. I also like to be able to view as much information on one screen as possible, pointless spacing is not helpful. May I ask why it was changed?

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Not the end of the world for me but I agree, much preferred the old strong colours.

Hi @victoriacara

We’re always updating things to keep inline with how technology moves. For example, monitors have grown over the years, which have allowed us to make the page wider.