QuickFile for Accountancy Practice

Hi there

We are a new ACCA Accountancy Practice (we are Xero certified advisor) looking for another Cloud Accounting Solution for our clients. I’ve checked QuickFile and so far it looks good for SMEs. However, we have following enquiries:

  • Is there any specialist Functionality for Accountants where we can manage and communicate our clients?
  • Our aim is to delegate the bookkeeping to our clients the basic data entry and we will see the overall accounting practice.
  • I understand Quick File has its own consultancy options at year end. Is there any obstacle we would face should we decide not to use it?
  • Does quick file integrates with any EPOS system?
  • Does quick file have any accounts production functionality like VT ? if not can we export accounts from quickfile to another accounts production software like VT ?

Thanks and regards,

Yes we have a dedicated system for Accountants and Bookkeepers called Affinity, using this system you can manage/access multiple QF accounts from one single dashboard, white label these accounts and host a shared workspace with your clients.

This is entirely optional for all users. However all accounts managed under the Affinity system are promo-free, this means the user will never see any of our own consultancy services within their account.

QuickFile doesn’t integrate with specific EPOS systems. We do however have a full API to allow custom integrations to be
built. You may also be able to transfer information using CSV files.

There is no native accounts production software within QuickFile, I know however for the cases our accounts team manage the data is exported from an Extended Trial Balance into VT, I believe they also use BTC for the tax computations but I’m not 100% sure on that one.

Be sure to let us know if you need any further assistance.