Quickfile for EU branch

If I want to use Quickfile for an EU branch of my business (an additional branch of my business is VAT registered in Finland) , do I have to set up a brand new and separate Quickfile account and pay a separate subscription?. Or can I add it to my existing account?

If it’s a separate legal entity then it would need its own account, if it’s all under the same ltd company then you could get away with a separate trading style on the existing account. You’ll have to calculate your own Finnish VAT journals and returns of course, QuickFile is only set up for UK VAT.

Yes, I have to do my own EU vat returns , I already do this.
I just like the Quickfile style , and it’s easier for me to work with. So I assume that if I set up a new QF account I can set it up so that my Finnish vat number appears and change the vat rate so the Finnish vat rate appears. Correct ?

If it is the same legal entity then you don’t need a new account, just enable multiple trading styles on your current one and add the Finnish VAT rate. You’d also need to mark all your Finnish invoices as out of scope for UK VAT so they aren’t included in your UK VAT return.

I don’t think it’s classed as the same legal entity because I need a different vat number, my Finnish vat number, to appear on the invoices for my sales there. Unless there’s a way of doing this without creating a separate QF account?

Hello @Diamondgeezer

If they are different legal entity’s they should have a different QuickFile account.

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