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Hi Glenn,

Here is another oddity that I have noticed and am not sure whether it is related to the IE11 issues I have logged in the other thread so apologies if it is related, but it may help out somewhere!

In the Forum here, if I click on the QF logo at the top of the page to go back to the main “Latest” forum posts I get this view every time:

This is not current but is the view of the forum when I opened it a while ago in a fresh browser (cache cleared as in the other thread). When I press F5 I get this:

Which is correct. However, when I click on the logo at the top of the page I will still get the view from the top picture until I press F5 again.

This was not a problem in the past also and have only noticed it since coming here yesterday to post my other issues!

Sorry to be a pain, but something’s afoot… :smiley:

This is more of a Discourse issue than an IE11 issue as it seems to behave pretty much how it likes in all browsers IME.

I think it used to work though and have now disabled my Ad-block Plus “Everywhere” browser extension but it has not changed this.

We don’t develop the forum software, we use Discourse to host our forum. Perhaps I’m missing something but the only difference I’m seeing is one additional post at the top? Perhaps you refreshed the page just as that answer was posted?

Yeah I realise it is 3rd party software I noticed it had stopped working though since previous visits to the forum. It is not the time difference between taking the 2 captures as if I click the logo at the top now I still go back to the forum as it looked first time I opened this browser tab (first pic). If I open a new tab it looks like it should do right now, the same as if I press F5 to refresh, but click the logo and I’m right back there again.

Kinda weird but I guess it must be something is being drawn from the local cache when I click the logo that isn’t being overwritten when the page updates or something along those lines.

I’ll certainly raise this with Discourse, I did a quick search earlier to see if they’ve encountered any specific IE11 issues but couldn’t find anything.

OK I’ve reproduced this issue on IE11, it appears to aggressively cache everything so I need to keep hitting refresh to get the new posts.

The details have been reported to Discourse:


Great, thanks! … My only issue is… don’t you ever sleep?! :wink:

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