QuickFile icons on buttons not presented correctly

For a few weeks now, QuickFile icons on various buttons have not been presented correctly in my browser (Firefox ESR 24.5.0 on Linux). Not a big problem for me.


We use the Font-Awesome library to render the small button icons. If you go to the following page, do all the icons appear in the same way?



I think this issue is described in more detail here. It doesn’t appear to affect all versions of Firefox, It works fine on Firefox 29.0.1 :

@Glenn, the page you cite is presented just fine in my browser so it seems that the specific version of Font Awesome used by QuickFile may be an issue.


We are actually using that exact version, hosted directly from their CDN. I think we’ll need to take a closer look at how we’re hosting the library, the StackOverflow post makes some suggestions we could try.


What I think will solve this for you is if we host the icons library ourselves rather than rely on the CDN hosted version. We’ve got quite a few other areas on the go at the moment so this should be updated next week some time.

@Glenn, thank you for looking at this. No urgency from my perspective. Perhaps some versions of Firefox are more tolerant of cross-server access to fonts.

Just FYI, it seems that the CompanyWizard.co.uk home page has a similar issue.

It’s a CORS problem, CompanyWizard.co.uk also uses the hosted CDN for icons, so for those browsers that are not tolerant of accessing resources cross-domain it will cause an issue.

I think this is specifically a Linux + FF problem. I know FF on Linux behaves slightly differently than it’s Windows + Mac variants.

We’ve made the changes on our development system to host all font awesome resources locally so when that goes live I will update you and we can see if that works.

@Glenn, after further searching I have discovered that the behaviour I have reported is due to the “NoScript” Firefox add-on that I use routinely. NoScript default behaviour is to silently block certain uses of “@font-face” (presumably including CORS). If I uncheck the “Forbid @font-face” option on the “Embeddings” tab of the “NoScript Options” dialog then the browser presents the QuickFile icons correctly.

Apologies for the (somewhat) false alarm.

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That’s interesting to know, thanks for updating me!

I think this may be a problem that other users will encounter in future so the safest thing to do is host the library. Appreciate the feedback!

@john we’ve now update Quick File to source the Font Awesome library locally. If you want to re-enable NoScript I think the icons will display fine under the new configuration.

@Glenn, yes, I have reverted to the default NoScript configuration and can still see the Font Awesome icons in the QuickFile user interface. Thank you.

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Great, thanks for letting me know!

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