Quickfile login page on our website


We would our clients to log in to their QF account directly from our website, would it be possible and how can this be done?

Thank you

There are a few ways you can do this.

  1. The simplest is to just add a link from your website to the login page (e.g. http://myclientarea.quickfile.co.uk).

  2. If you want to retain the URL your site runs under you could iFrame the login page and link to that.

  3. For more sophisticated integrations (i.e. without secondary logins) there are some functions in the API to request tokenised links to the client area (Client_Get method). This method would be ideal if you were asking the client already to login into your system and you wanted to provide a link direct to their client area in QuickFile, without asking them again to login.

Yes, I’d like to include a link on my website to the login page, unfortunately, there is no such thing as a login page in QuickFile or am I missing something?

The login page is the page where you login as the administrator e.g. http://myclientarea.quickfile.co.uk, this also serves as a login page for your clients.

Oh, I think I know where the confusion is…
I don’t want my clients to log in to see invoices I issued to them.
I would like my clients to be able to login to their QuickFile accounts.
Hope this makes sense, if not please let me know and I will try to explain it better.

Are you an Affinity user? I assumed you were a regular QF user looking to provide access to clients.

With Affinity any account your’re managing will work on a specific sub-domain e.g.


Each client can only login through their own sub-domain. If you log into a given account from Affinity and have a look at your address bar you will see the sub-domain here.

For this to work you’d need to keep a record of all your clients sub-domains and expose it on their account within your application.

Thank you. Yes, that’s what I thought. So there is no easy way of doing it?