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QuickFile Mobile Version 2.0

What browser does it open in? I know Opera for instance has a VPN feature built in that you can enable?

Are you on WiFi or mobile data? Which provider are you with? I know for instance Plusnet have issues with some of their IPs being reported as being in the US.

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I am on Wifi and its BT. Might try mobile data and see if that helps.

No difference. When I click on the email link on my laptop it comes up with the following:

This app is incompatible with all of your devices.

Hi @Cleo1973

Apologies - I misread your initial post, so my last reply isn’t relevant.

As the others have said however, the app is limited to just the UK. If you’re using the forum from the same connection, it shouldn’t be a problem as the IP is clearly in the UK.

Have you tried accessing the app on a computer and installing it remotely? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.co.quickfileapp

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It just says it incompatible with all of my devices.

Also check that the country is set correctly in your Play account settings:



Are you doing regular updates of your apps? If not could you may first update all apps on your phone.
Where did you get your phone from UK or abroad? As you registered yourself on your google account and /or your mobile did you do this abroad or did you say/write another country than UK?

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Thank you it was my country setting. Weird as everything was still priced in pounds and I have lived here for 7 years but there you go!


Thanks the App version 2.0 is great but it would be good to be able to add a purchase where there is no receipt and also to be able to look at the bank account.

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Is it possible when adding receipts/purchase to list different nominals on one receipt entry like the web.


Hi Glenn,
I have a little problem with the app, android and apple. A few days ago there was an update for your app and since then I can not see the receipts anymore in my receipt hub. I can see the images and their names when I look to the invoices to which the photos belong but not in the receipt hub, there are only picture numbers. All the receipts which are uploaded over the computer or sent per email are fine. It was working before and I think I don’t do anything differently. I mean the app looks a bit different now (2.x) and I may do something wrong now or is there a known bug or so? A screen shot is below.
Thank you for your help

@Danuals the app simulates the Receipt Hub matching, which only allows for a single item line. That said we do plan to extend the app to support itemised purchase invoices, similar to what we already do for sales invoice on version 2.0 of the app.

@rhc it’s a display issue isolated to the Receipt Hub, thanks for letting us know about that. We’ll get it fixed tomorrow.

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Great. Thank you. Keep up the great work :+1:t3:

Thanks Glenn for your prompt reply :grinning:

I am find the QF Mobile IoS very useful, the only flaw is the filter. I am finding that not all the Clients/ Suppliers are listed. Could this be answered by my use of the iPhone 6 (16Gb)?

@rhc the issue on the Receipt Hub should be fixed now. Please would you kindly check and confirm?

@gjwguk no that shouldn’t be the case. Let me send you a private message to get some more info.

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Hi Glenn,

Great. Its working now. Thank you very much. :grinning:

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Hi Glenn, I used the mobile app when doing some international travel. It would be useful to be able to be able to deal with receipts in different currency, converting to GBP on the day, with a default conversion from a bank, and also to be able to specify a conversion, if for example Euros cash was obtained and you want to convert using the rate obtained at the time. I think processing receipts and expenses as they are incurred is a great facility - so the mobile app is going to be very useful.


Great stuff. Only request would be - when creating new invoice, ability to take payment via the linked gocardless account.

The current desktop version gives option to:
“Collect by direct debit”


@BrettC version 2.0 will support multi currency expenses. You can tap the currency code and change it to any of the preferred currencies you have configured on your QuickFile account.

@tom_44 we will get to this in due course, there are just a few other areas we need to prioritise.