QuickFile Mobile Version 2.0

From the moment we launched our new mobile apps last year we have stepped up our efforts to bring across more functionality from the web app into our mobile solution. We have now launched version 2.0 of the mobile app for Android, with iOS to follow shortly.

Click here to install the new app on your device

Please Note: version 2.0 has a new listing on the Play Store which you can access from the link above. We recommend that you uninstall any previous version of the app before installing the new version.

What’s new?

Version 1.0 was about putting down the foundations, version 2.0 builds upon on those foundations with a number of new areas including a brand new dashboard, sales and estimate creation, the ability to tag existing receipts and a handful of new detailed views.

Invoice / Estimate creation

You can now create your invoices and estimates on the move. Here’s a list of features supported on version 2.0.

  • Create a new sales invoice or estimate and assign to an existing or newly created customer record.
  • Supports multiple items with full access to your inventory.
  • Mark your invoice/estimate as sent or email to a new or existing contact.
  • Attach a payment to your invoice.
  • Generate a PDF version of your invoice/estimate.

To ensure smooth delivery of these new features we’ll be implementing multi-currency support in the next minor release. At this time it will not be possible to edit existing invoices, only create new ones. Again this will be addressed shortly.

New Dashboard

The dashboard will bind together all the key areas of the application. The new dashboard will give you an overview of what you owe and what’s owed to you. As with the web application you can then drill down to see which invoices make up the total.

We’ll also show you a list of your untagged receipts, the same as what you’d see in the Receipt Hub. You can then tag any receipts that perhaps weren’t created on the app.

General user interface improvements

With version 2.0 comes a revised menu system that incorporates the new areas introduced in this version. The account switch options can now be accessed by tapping on the round avatar above your company name.

You’ll also find additional menu options in the sales and purchase invoice detail screens, just tap on the 3 dots in the top right to bring up these various options.

What’s next

In the coming weeks we will be introducing new invoicing functionality to bring it closer to the desktop experience. We are also working on a client and supplier list view allowing you to quickly access contact information and financial status.

If you have any suggestions we’d love to hear them, we will do our best to accomodate your requirements.


How do we log in to the app? I’ve reset my QF password, thinking I’d forgotten my old one, but am still unable to pass verification.

Thanks for the latest version of the app. It’s becoming more useful!

May we look forward to the ability to log-in via a finger print?



Hi @MissMackey

You would use the exact same email and password as you would to log in on the web based platform.

@IDG - Thanks for the feedback. There aren’t any plans at the moment, but I’ll pass your feedback on to our development team.

I’m sorry, but it’s still not working - I’ve just logged out and back in to through the website, on pc (no problem), but get “Incorrect login or password” with the same credentials on the app. Anyone else having this issue? Moto G5S, Android 8.1.0

Hi @MissMackey

I’m using the same phone without any issues.

Can I just double check that it is a standalone QuickFile account, and not an Affinity account?

Yes, QuickFile poweruser

Edit: I can now only login to the Community page (community.quickfile.co.uk), not the Account page (username.quickfile.co.uk/login).

The community area and your QuickFile account uses 2 separate logins. You would need to log in using your account login details.

If you’re not able to log into your account, try resetting the password (even if you’ve done this previously).

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You’re a star, I didn’t realise there were two accounts - all working now (incl. new app). Thanks!


Hi Glenn,
I installed 2.0 and I like the new features and the design. The only thing, which I had as well with 1.0 and mentioned this in the quickfile app launch article, it is still very slow to open the app. I use a motorola phone with the newest Android Version. Other apps are fine and open quick.
I took the time and it takes 15.24 sec., for example my banking app takes 1.36 sec, BBC app 2.46 sec, WhatsApp 1 sec.
It is not a big issue but I thought you may want to know this

I think it’s great that I can now see unpaid invoices on the go.

However I agree with the request for login via fingerprint.

Also I would really like to be able to see my bank account and be able to do tagging of the bank account on the go. Is that likely to arrive?

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Hi @Elsvan

It’s still very much a work in progress - this is only the second full release. Additional features will likely arrive in due course.

@rhc yes 15 seconds is too slow, there are various ways we can optimise this and in fact we pushed an update earlier today that will hopefully reduce startup times on some devices. I use a Pixel 4 and the app loads in about 3 seconds, but I know on some other devices it can take much longer.

@Elsvan we intend to add passcode support first (as it can be universally implemented by all users), then we’ll look at fingerprint ID.

Great thanks for the update, looking forward to it!


Hi when I click on the link sent out in the email it tells me its not available in my country. Im in the UK and have a UK phone.

Hi @Cleo1973

Are you able to upload a screenshot please?

Are you running any security/VPN software?

I haven’t installed anything - its a Samsung S10e so whatever it came with it has.

Hi Cleo1973,
can you go to the Google Play store and look for Quickfile, is it shown there?

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No its not. I had the old version and I thought it wasn’t showing in the play store because I had the old version, but have uninstalled the old version and it still doesn’t show up.