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Quickfile not linking to HMRC for a 2nd company

I can not get quickfile to link to HMRC for a MTD vat return for a small limited company.
I have already succesfully filed a VAT return using quicklink (affinity) for another small limited company but, can not get the software to link to the second HMRC account.
I have checked my setting numerous times.

Any ideas?

thanks Michael

Hi @mtw,

Has the second account been registered with HMRC for MTD? and have they had confirmation of this from HMRC?

Also, are you trying to link them through an agents account/affinity? Have you logged in your HMRC agents account to check that the link is there?

Hi QFBeth,
Yes the second account has been registered with HMRC for MTD.
Yes I have confirmation.

Yes I am trying to link through affinity as I am director of both companies., but I am not an agent, so do not understand your question about logging into my HMRC agents account.

I have two HMRC accounts one for each of the companies.

Hi @mtw,

Apologies for any confusion, I had assumed with you using Affinity you had an Agents HMRC account, I was wrong to assume.

If you log into the second HMRC (outside of Quickfile) can you see that it has been set up for MTD?

yes it has been set up

no worries about the confusion.

When you try to link it on QuickFile have you double checked that you have linked the correct HMRC account? and are you getting the error " You are not yet authorised to view this report for the VRN…"

Unfortunately you may need to get in touch with HMRC as the error means that there is no link for QuickFile to access

I have clicked through the HMRC prompts again and put in quckfile.
Bizarrely when I log in quickfile it doesn’t recognise my email.
I log in through the affinity dashboard.

yes, I am in the correct HMRC account.
yes I get the error msg
You are not yet authorised to view this report for the VRN 227538691 . Please ensure your VAT number is correct and you have connected the corresponding HMRC Tax Account. If you have recently enrolled on the MTD scheme please allow 24 hours for HMRC systems to update.

If the QuickFile account was set up through Affinity then an Affinity email is generated for the main log in so you are required to log into the account through the Affinity Dashboard rather than directly into the QF account.

I have located your account and checked the settings and everything appears fine on our end, and if you are sure you are using the correct HMRC account etc and you have signed up then I would suggest getting in touch with HMRC to make sure there are no errors on their end.

I know there have been delays with when people have registered and when they have been able to access through the link due to the increase in people signing up over the past month

I sppoke to HMRC this morning after about 20 failed attempts. They said I need to speak to the S/W provider.

I registered weeks ago before the deadline for VAT returns.
As I said earlier, I have successfully used quickfile through Affinity for the other company.

what are the odd emails that are generated * Email Removed *
in my account.
How do I access these?

The Email address doesn’t have an account as such, it is just used as a link to your Affinity Dashboard, as the Affinity account is the main admin for the QuickFile account. Any correspondence would be sent to the main email on Affinity.

When I follow thro the links on HMRC it opens up a quickfile page

as below I cut and pasted so not same type or layout but same info.

Find your QuickFile Account
Each QuickFile account has a unique management area (e.g. https://mycompany.quickfile.co.uk)
Please enter your email address below and we will send you a list of all the accounts we have you registered under.
Don’t forget to bookmark your login page once you’ve received the link!
Invalid Email address supplied
I tried my affinity log in email mtaylor_waring @ hotmail. co m and it doen’t like it
When I use the odd one
45005bde-fc6e-46 @ quickfile-affinity. co. uk
generated by quickfile , it takes it but replies

Please check your inbox

We have sent you information on your account(s). Please now choose from one of the following options…

So I do not know where to go?

Note, nothing has come through into my hotmail account

Hi @mtw

Just to confirm what @QFBeth has said, if you’re seeing the unauthorised message, this is coming directly from HMRC - not from QuickFile.

It means one of the following:

  • The account isn’t registered for MTD
  • The account is registered for MTD, but the confirmation email hasn’t yet been received, or 48-72 hours haven’t passed since the email was received
  • The VAT number is incorrect
  • The HMRC account is the wrong one for that VAT number

If all of the above are correct (as in, everything seems fine), then I’m afraid you would need to speak with HMRC as they are the ones ultimately rejecting access.

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