Quickfile PCI compliance?


Our credit card payment merchant require us to be PCI compliant, or we’re charged an additional fee.

In answering the PCI questions I’ve had to indicate that Quickfile provide the hosting/mechanism for allowing clients to pay via credit card.

The next question asks if Quickfile is PCI compliant? Are you able to answer that for me?


I’m not able to answer that question for QuickFile, but as they don’t actually store or process card data directly (all done via third party), I believe they’re not required to be.

We don’t provide the hosting mechanism for processing card payments, we also never touch or store any card details on our system. For that reason we are not PCI compliant.

Even for our own payments we are not required to be PCI compliant as we don’t have a merchant ID nor do we directly process card data. I have verified this with SecurityMetrics and Worldpay.

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Thanks for those replies. It means my answers to the PCI questions were inaccurate so I’ll correct them to leave out QuickFile.

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