Quickfile slow / impossible to load pages

I see from https://status.quickfile.co.uk/ that everything is ‘operational’ but QF pages are loading very slowly (or not at all) at present. Is that a feature of the deadline for HMRC submission being in 5 days, and if so, can you switch in some more server capacity?

I don’t think it’s me - I’m on a reasonable connection and other pages are loading well, including these community ones.

Hi @mlawson

We’re not seeing any issues at the moment. What web browser are you using, and who is your internet provider?

Are you seeing it on any particular pages?

Chrome 69. Currently overseas so not a UK ISP (but OpenSpeedTest consistently giving me more than 5Mbps download). Seeing it on many pages (bank, dashboard, etc.). The /bank page just failed to load in Chrome, and trying in Edge, after a successful login, the /dashboard falied to load.

Edge error code was - Error Code: INET_E_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT

It’s not consistent, the /bank page just loaded again in Chrome…

The connection timeout error can mean a number of things. I’ve experienced this myself when something is throttling the connection (e.g. uploading or downloading large files with Dropbox). Do you have anything like that running in the background?

OK, well thanks for checking, I’ll assume its my problem :frowning:

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