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Hi there
We are a very small ‘Large’ business & our subscription is due for renewal next month. With the total drop off of business we are likely to become a small to medium business for the coming year. Please advise how we can go back to being a free business?

Many thanks

Hi @Sneeze

The account size is based on the number of nominal ledger entries created within the last 12 months.

If you go to Account Settings >> Company Settings, you will see your current grading. If this is XS, S or M, the subscription is optional.

Accounts graded as L or XL require the subscription to continue using QuickFile.

I hope this helps!

Yes I understand that - I paid as a large company last year & we have created 1500 nominal ledger entries in that year. My point is that we will be paying for the year 2020-21 & current expectation is that we will be lucky to make even 800 entries in that year - might not even manage that. Thus making us a small or medium business. As you can imagine we have zero work ATM

Hi @Sneeze

If you have created 1,500 in the last 12 months, then your account will be graded as L, which requires a subscription.

If however when this expires, your account is below 1,000, then the subscription is optional.

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