Quote automatic expiry date

It would be great to be able to set a quote expiry date. A lot of my quotes are only valid for x days, which at the moment is stated in the notes. But it would be nice to set it to automatically expire to prevent clients accepting them after a certain date.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll leave this open for others to add their vote.

I have only just started using the quotation feature in QF and have noticed that there is no automatic expiry date. This would be a useful addition to have and make the quote still available in the clients control panel but effectively just disable the accept button and change the tag.

We have identified a need for this as well.

Hello @FolkLondon

Apologies - we must have missed this thread when we made the changes, but this feature does actually exist.

If you go to Account Settings >> Invoice Customisation, and select the dates box, you can then enter a default “valid for”:


This will enable the option on estimates then:

When a quote expires, the user will no longer be able to accept/decline it.

Hope this helps!