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Quote conversion rate



I have been using quickfile for quite a while now and wondered if there is a way or if a way could be implemented that just gave a report of the conversion rate of quotes, for example say i quote 10 jobs in September and get 8 (which i then convert to invoices) then for that month it would show as an 80% conversion rate and so on.

Many thanks,


Hi @tocaelectrical

There isn’t a way to do this at the moment. I don’t believe we actually record the conversion date, but I could be wrong.

I think the other thing we would need to clarify is what is a conversion - would you count it as when an estimate/quote is agreed or actually converted? If it’s the latter, what about those that span a couple of months before being converted?

We’ll certainly leave this thread open however for others to add their comments. If there’s enough interest from the community, we’ll look into this further.


Thanks for getting back to me.

Well basically i would consider a conversion rate to be when a quote is converted to invoice, the way i use quickfile is i convert it to invoice once the job is given the go ahead as i request the deposit so, if quickfile was to have the conversion tracker then it would show as a successful conversion. I get that sometimes a job quote can be out for a while before being accepted but maybe just incorporate a button to also say “unsuccessful” thus marking down the conversion rate.

Effectively, it could work by, for example, do 3 quotes, 1 customer says yes so quote converts to invoice, 1 customer says they’ve gone with someone else so click unsuccessful and 1 customer is indecisive so that remains open until you decide to mark it as unsuccessful or they go ahead.

Like everything, i doubt this will be foolproof but would give a bit more of an insight to things and i think would help alot of people who analyse things like this in their business, it is based on another software that i have seen that tracks conversions and it was the only thing that i felt it had over quickfile so thought i’d put it to you guys and hopefully it could be implemented?



Thank you for your input! We’ll certainly bear it in mind.

As mentioned above, we’ll leave the topic open. Generally speaking, features are implemented based on demand. We’ll keep an eye on it - we do regularly check the forums for new features.

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