Quote to Invoice conversion - Header still says "Quote"

Good Morning

I have a query which I know has been discussed before but I don’t think fully answered.

I am a business that often needs to send out quotes rather than estimates. I have been able to change the estimate to the quote template which has been previously discussed and works well.

However when I convert the quote to an invoice on the system I notice that the word ‘quote’ still appears on the invoice being sent out - this can cause confusion to the paying finance dept. Should the system automatically change the heading to include invoice or do I need to do that myself manually?

Thanks, Pete

Invoice and Quote would have their own heading. Are you settings correct in the Invoice Customisation section?

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That’s odd, how did you customise the header? I would use @Parker1090’s method, I suspect if you’ve done this using CSS it would apply to both invoices and quotes.

Thanks for the feedback, though I’m still slightly confused as I thought I had followed your previous advice on changing the estimate header to display quote.

Do you have the link handy? It may be that we need to go back and revise that.

Going into Sales Menu >> Invoice Customisation is the optimum way of changing the header for quotes without affecting invoices.