Raise invoice to a balance sheet account

I need to invoice my customers for amounts that cannot be recognized as revenue immediately.

A separate process will later release the revenue to the P&L when it is ‘earned’.

Quickfile does not seem to allow me to select a balance sheet account when raising an invoice. Is there a way to enable this? If not, how can i work around it?

One workaround would be to invoice it as general sales as normal, then journal the appropriate amount from there to the balance sheet (debit general sales, credit whatever balance sheet nominal you’re using). When the work is done you can use another journal in the opposite direction.

Right now only nominal codes within the 4000-4999 (Sales) range will appear on a sales invoice. It’s not possible to directly utilise balance sheet codes on a sales invoices.

The first thing that sprung to mind was the same as @ian_roberts mentions, i.e. to journal from sales to the BS code and back again later.

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