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Raising a VAT inclusive invoice

This may be a silly question but I’m new to all this.

We have just become VAT registered and as we work with mostly domestic customers we have found that the majority do not want a VAT breakdown, is there a way I can raise an invoice for VAT inclusive for domestic and keep the VAT breakdown for commercial customers?

Thank you in advance

Hi @MrsM,

There is no way to remove the VAT completely as you need this for your records - but you can remove it from each item line from the invoice so it only appears at the bottom.

There should be a little tick box when you enter an invoice that says “Enter line totals inclusive of VAT”.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thank you, I already do this but it’s not enough. Even though I have lowered my prices so that the end cost equates to roughly the same before I became Vat registered domestic customers seem to feel they are paying more if they use a VAT registered trades person, so I am in fact loosing customers :sleepy:

Thank you anyway

It’s awkward isn’t it! The only other way would be to send an invoice outside of QuickFile which doesn’t show VAT - and then enter one on QF which takes into account the VAT but which isn’t sent to the customer?

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@MrsM - I have an idea here. Let me send a private message to get a few bits of info from you, and I’ll see what we can do here :slight_smile:

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