Random invoice creation

Hi Support, somehow our quickfile has randomly created invoice, the amount is the same as a recurring invoice for this particular client, obviously this has created an issue for us, also though is quite alarming that this has happened at all? I would like someone from QF /B to look into this thanks

Now to rectify i would like to just delete the invoice though a VAT return has been submitted prior to this being spotted, how would you advise i rectify this account, should i just issue a credit to the client for the unwanted invoice amount?

Please help

Hi @mark3

If you view the invoice itself you should see an event log at the bottom. This should tell you who created the invoice and when - whether this is a user or QuickFile (e.g. from a recurring profile).

Are you on cash or accrual accounting for VAT?

Hi Matthew,

has been created from automatic tagging. which is odd it created 1x invoice on the 4th and then this one a day later.

we are accrual.


We can certainly take a look at this. Let me send you a private message and get a few details from you.

please do many thanks

A credit note is the simplest way to clear it up and maintain the audit trail. I’m not an accountant but my understanding is that HMRC only really care about deliberate fraud or about accidental errors that result in significant under payments of VAT on the order of tens of thousands of pounds. Anything less than that (or an over payment as in your case) can just be fixed in the following return.

gov.uk ref

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Thankyou Ian (doreimelaso for the 20)

Hi @mark3

Not sure if you’ve seen it, you will find the private message in the top right corner by your avatar.

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