RBS Bank integration

Great to see RBS bank integration. But when I click on the RBS bank option in the plugin I don’t get a login page I get

"Important information: Your log in page has changed
If you have accounts with RBS England & Wales which are subject to the European Commission requirement to sell part of our UK banking business, they can now be managed online at rbs.co.uk/englandandwales.

If your accounts are not included with RBS England and Wales, you can continue to manage these at rbs.co.uk"

I need to go to the englandandwales option - but as soon as I do this the login then doesn’t work.

When I go to the following URL:


This is what I get (no redirect). Are you getting this redirect when you progress through the forms or is your customer number being stored in a cookie?

With Natwest I am aware that those accounts being relocated under the EU Directive will not work with the feed. I suspect this may also be the case with RBS. These accounts use a completely different interface so would require their own unique feed.


I just tried it on a Chromebook with no cookie stored and nothing stored in the plugin. I got the screen you got, and filled in the date and then all my login details. It logged in fine, and then gave me the “login page has changed” after logging in.

If I then try and use the plugin again it goes straight to the “login page has changed” page with no apparent login action taking place.

I’m afraid to say it’s probably not going to work for this account. Sounds like one that’s affected by the EU Divestment ruling.

Despite going to the wrong login page I was getting the “post to Quickbooks” buttons on my screen, and that worked fine until I had to clear my browsing history. Now all the credentials in the RBS QF Bank Feed have gone, and I never get the screen to re-enter them. Is there any way I can get the credentials back in, or perhaps could we have two RBS buttons, one which goes to rbs.co.uk/englandandwales login page?

We didn’t develop the RBS feed, a community member reverse engineered the Natwest code and adapted it for RBS. At the moment I’m afraid we don’t have any plans to roll out support for Bank of Scotland accounts. The feed is fully open source (all javascript based) so if anyone wants to adapt the code they are welcome to do this, we will then include this in the Chrome Extension.