RBS Bankline feed not working

Having seen the messages that Yodell is closing I followed the instructions.
Although, the open banking links got me through to the RBS site and I could enter my access details - it didn’t connect and said I should contact the administrator.
Adminstrator of where?
At a loss?
Any ideas?

Can you try it again and post a screen shot of the error page (with any sensitive details suitably redacted if possible)? What was the URL of the error page - rbs or QuickFile?

Hello Ian,
This was the screenshot from RBS

The URL at that point was -

And exiting back to Quickfile I had a message to stated
“The authorisation request was cancelled by you or the connecting party”
I have a screen shot but unable to post a 2nd picture as a new user.

Hi @timhook

I’ve edited your post to hide any sensitive information.

The error you see if on the RBS side rather than QuickFile, so in this context the administrator would be RBS. However, it seems that you don’t have any suitable accounts for Open Banking at present. The deadline is 14th September, so this may very well be introduced within the next week.

The best people to speak to for the moment would be the bank themselves.

Hi Mathew,
I have provided third party consent to RBS for all my accounts.
2 x GBP
2 x currency accounts USD & EUR
The GBP accounts are now downloaded and linked.
However, Quickfile is not picking up the data from the currency accounts.
RBS have confirmed I’ve given consent and I should contact QF.
Please advise

Hi @timhook

Can I check, if you go to link any other RBS account (regardless of currency), are you prompted to link any RBS accounts, or are you shown a message advising there are no available accounts to link?

When you try this, we ask the bank in the background for a list of accounts we have authorisation for. If there are none shown, it means you’ve linked all the available ones.

Trying to add an unlinked account, I am shown a message advising there are no available accounts, other than the two already linked.
The question then is - RBS says they have made them available and QF says there are none available.
I’m between a rock and a hard place and computer says no!
Any advice?

Hi @timhook,

Unfortunately if the bank accounts aren’t showing up when you go to link the account then this is an issue somewhere with the Bank, there is nothing QuickFile can do as the bank is telling us there are no accounts there.

I can’t find anyone to talk to at RBS about my currency accounts being made available to open banking. Could you confirm that other Quickfile customers are using currency accounts with open banking and QF?

Hi @timhook,

I know that people are using open banking to access currency accounts with other banks but I will have to check with regards to RBS.

I have been back to RBS bank again and have gone through the process with their help desk of giving consent on all my accounts, including specifally the currency accounts. These are listed and require ticks to give consent to third parties. The RBS Helpdesk again stated that they have given access to these accounts to Third Parties.
And so, I am back to QF for you to confirm that you can’t see them! Is anyone at QF able to confirm currency accounts are active on Open Banking and whether RBS currency accounts can be seen by other users?

Hi @timhook

I’m sorry to hear you’re still having issues with this.

If consent is being issued by RBS they should very much show up when you try to link the account to a QuickFile bank account in your account. If they don’t show up, either there’s an issue with the data they’re returning, or the consents themselves.

Let me send you a private message to get a few more details off you, and if there’s anything we can do from our end, we will.

This isn’t something we have access to unfortunately. All we can see if what you see when the feed is active (account name, bank etc., not necessarily the type of account).