Re-authenticate bank feed

I have received the Quickfile email advising that I need to re-authenticate my bank feed at Lloyds which is shortly to expire. Previously doing this has been straightforward and on being returned to Quickfile from the Lloyds authentication process the bank feed is shown as renewed and nothing further needs doing. Trying this today and on being returned after successful re-authentication a new feed has been set-up and I am being asked to link an account. When I try to link the new feed to the current account it does not let me with the error message saying that this is already linked, which it is, to the soon to expire feed. Is this a change in the system and I thus need to revoke the current active feed and reconnect to the new one or am I doing something wrong or is it a bug?

Hi @brucej,

Unfortunately this is happening since we did some updates with the lloyds open banking feeds.

You will need to remove/delete the soon to expire feed and then you will be able to use the new feed as normal. This shouldn’t happen again for you going forward, it should only be a one off.

OK. Thanks. Appreciate quick response.

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