Re-authorising HMRC

I have received an email from QF saying I need to reauthorise HMRC, I have followed all instructions but it will still not work, its says client not authorised. I have spoken to HMRC who insist it is a software issue. I was also given instructions on how to deauthorise QF via them and then told to reauthorise HMRC through QF, its still not working. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I’ve tried countless times now


Hello @Hannah

It may be worth disconnecting your HMRC account completely and reconnecting it. This resets the authorisation and can often fix the issue.

To do this, go to Reports >> HMRC, and select your tax account.

You will find a “Disconnect” option at the top of the page

Once you’ve done this, you can reconnect the account and try again.

I have done that serval times and still doesn’t work

Hello @Hannah

Do you have a personal HMRC tax account and one for the business?

The reason I ask is that 9/10 times, the wrong HMRC account is entered

No just one for the business

Hello @Hannah

There are no other reasons for it to fail other than what is listed in our troubleshooting article

I have exactly the same problem, so I am guessing it is a problem at Quickfile

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You are not yet authorised to view this report for the **VRN ************. Please ensure your VAT number is correct and you have connected the corresponding HMRC Tax Account. If you have recently enrolled on the MTD scheme please allow 24 hours for HMRC systems to update.

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Yes, this is also the message I am receiving

I am not sure why this is happening then as I have been using MTD for a very long time now. I guess I am stuck for ideas if you and HMRC are not able to help me

Hi @Hannah and @david6

To give you a bit more of a background on the error message.

The error is returned to us by HMRC, rather than one we’re generating. HMRC return it when the linked HMRC account isn’t authorised to view the data for that specific VAT number, which means one of several things (which we highlight in our guide). The official HMRC documentation describes it as:

The client and/or agent is not authorised. This is normally because: the client is not subscribed to MTD, the agent is not subscribed to Agent Services, or the client has not authorised the agent to act on their behalf

It would mean either the wrong VAT number has been entered, which if you’re renewing the consent is unlikely, or the linked HMRC account isn’t for that VAT number. The latter itself could mean either the account isn’t for that business, or the account isn’t for VAT.

For example, you may have one HMRC account for self assessment, one for corporation tax and one for VAT. If you link the self assessment or corporation tax accounts rather than the VAT one, it will fail.

Hope that helps!

Dear Matthew,
Or something else,
I am not using an agent, nor have I just renewed my account that happened 12/21,
So last month it worked, this month it does not.

so something has been corrupted

yours DAvid

Hi @david6

Just to clarify - if you’re seeing an unauthorised error message, this is coming from HMRC and not from QuickFile. We just show this error in a friendlier format.

The message itself isn’t specific to agents but applied to any type of linked HMRC account (note it says “client and/or agent is not authorised”).

If you haven’t already, completely remove the link and re-add it. Double check that you are linking the correct account and not one for self assessment, for example.

If you’re still seeing the error message, unfortunately, you would need to call the HMRC VAT helpline as the error is on their end.

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