Re-categorising Auto PayPal Payments

Is there any way of re-categorising PayPal payments?
I have set up PayPal payments to create invoices automatically as I am dealing with over 150 per month and by default the category is set at “General Sales”. I would like to change the category to something else.

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Yes I’m aware of “Bulk change incorrect posting” …
…but in this particular instance because I’m leaving QF to creating the client/ invoices from PayPal the nominal code view is: Client: ??{Client Name}?? Description: ??{Client Name}?? is actually the same detail and therefore ascertaining from the Advanced Search Description/ notes fields is impractical.
The invoice itself is has the Client Name and PayPal purchase reference included in the Description field, PayPal details in the purchase reference field and the payment terms has “Paid by paypal on ??/??/???” can those details be included either in the description field or notes field in the Advance search?

We are very limited by what can go into the ledger notes and we aren’t able to bring through all the details from the invoice itself.

With that said what you can do is preview the invoice and go to “Show nominal ledger entries”, this will show all nominal ledger entries and include a link that will take you directly to the entry in the other view you’re referring to.

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