RE Line For invoices

Hi there

We have just started to Run a Year Long trial on quick file which is going to run alongside our current system. and at the end of that year i will be pitching iit to the MD for it to take over from our current system.

When we create a new invoice for our customers be for our brake down re have an RE line

Example: “RE: Water Damage to Happy House, Happy Street, Happy Town, AB1 2CD, Claim number 12345678”

Now i have been copying this across in to the First description box bit it look a bit naff please can we have an option to add an RE: line if we want
Or allow blank Item lines

I’m not sure I follow you here? You can put whatever text you want in the description field and it will appear as you’ve entered it on the invoice preview. I’m not sure what you mean by option to add an RE: line if we want?


We would like to be able to have a line were we can put what the invoice is about RE: line

At the moment i have been putting it in the first line but it looks odd

so what we are proposing is a box that we can type in which appears above the Items section
Or allow use to have lines in the invoice that don’t have total in them

There is currently a notes section and a payment terms section in the invoice. I’m not sure if there’s a strong case for adding another free-text area, I think it will cause confusion for many users.

I will certainly leave this thread open for other users to vote/comment.

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I under stand that but using the additional not section doesn’t fee in with our style we use that for the payment information.

Maybe the best way to describe it a “Subject line” it just the way we do it here

Or is it not possible to be able to have a line with no figures in it ?

good idea!!!

im all for a invoice name line

So basically like a site address as well as client address?

Lurch No it would me a

One line free text box that would sit Below the addresses but before the Items section.

Call it a subject field or a RE: field

We use it currently on our Invoices and we forum put in the field

RE: Plumbing work carried out at 23 Street, Town, Post code.

then we would items the items on the Invoice

Nope, you’ve completely lost me there.

See the attached Example

There is already an invoice name field but it’s disabled by default (it can be enabled in Account Settings >> Company Settings >> Advanced Features, see here for more info). The invoice name isn’t visible on the invoice but appears within the main invoice list as an easier way to identify invoices rather than just taking the top line description.

As for the RE: text, perhaps a way to simply control the position of the notes would be a better solution? The notes are typically inserted below the itemised section but maybe we can add a control to allow it to be configured above the itemised box instead, would that work?


Each to their own I suppose, I’d always just add another address under the clients address, referenced as site address. Same end result.

activated the invoice name line!!

thank you

im also still for a RE: or brief description line still

For us we put our payment information in to the notes box so moving it would mean we would cause issues

Just had a look at the name line

Now if that could be viewed on the invoice and placed in the space below the PDF link that would be great

The name line is only 35 characters, and serves a different purpose. Why not put the payment information in the payment terms box, which is what this field was intended for?

Well i am happy to have a play around if you can move the notes box or give me that option

OK we will explore a few options and let you know.

thanks for that look forward to it

Just to confirm, we have now added an option within the invoice customisation screen that will allow you to specify that the notes should appear above the itemised section. This would allow you to use the notes box on an invoice as a “RE Line” as proposed in the original post.

If you need any suggestions on fine-tuning the exact position of that text I can provide some CSS recommendations that you can use in the CSS editor.