Re-name Invoice Colums

I’m new to Quickfile, and just setting up my account. I would like to rename the column headings in my invoice from ‘item’ to ‘Delegate’ and change ‘description’ to ‘Course Title’. I understand that it needs to be changed using CSS from the custom template, but I’ve no idea what code to use or where to put it! Thanks for your help

Hi @Michelle_Morris

I’ll certainly try my best to give you a hand here.

You may want to check out this post which has some instructions including screenshots:

If you do get stuck, let me know and I’ll see if I can help you further.

Brilliant, thank you. So if I use the code

content: “Delegate Name”;

Where do I find the invLabel corresponding to ‘item’ and ‘description’? Is there a list somewhere that I can search for?
Many thanks

I found this, but there is no link where it says ‘please see here for a list of label names’

Oops! Sorry about that. I’ve fixed the links on that page, but for your convenience, the list here:

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