Re-occuring invoices

Hi, I’m new to quick file and just trying to find my way around it so please excuse me if I am asking the obvious! With regards to re-occuring invoices - is it possible to send these manually rather than automatically every month? The reason for this is that I invoice the same customers each month but occasionally the amounts will change, I also have to attach work bills to the invoice which will be different each month, so I would rather be able to check the invoices before they are sent. If I untick the send by email/snail mail in the set up of reoccurring invoices will they then be waiting for me to go into and amend / send manually each month? If this is not possible is there any other way to do this?
Also when you save ‘items’ in an invoice is there anyway to assign a price to the item?

You can always copy from existing invoice, edit things you need to and send manually

Thanks, I was thinking that but would be easier to have them already set up as there will be about 30 invoices each month for regular clients.

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Starting with your point about recurring invoices - although there’s no way to manually generate these, you could just set them not to send. If you leave these two boxes unticked:
It would simply set the invoice to “Sent”, but won’t send it to your client. However, the invoice would be visible in the client’s portal if they login.

This would give you a chance to review the invoice, attach documents, and manually send it from there.

All items are saved to your Sales Inventory where you can add a description and/or prices are required. This can be viewed by going to Sales >> Sales Inventory.

I hope this helps!

Thank you, thats good to know.

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