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Re-occurring invoice


I have a re-occurring 2 item invoice come from a customer also using QF, It is automatically placed in my account under the wrong codes, Its placed under accountancy fees (it is my accountant) but these fees are for other services, I can not seem to change them, One needs to be phone exp, and the other it/hosting.

Thanks in advance



When you preview the purchase invoice does it have a red button to “break the mapping”, if so click that button and it should then allow you to make modifications.

If that doesn’t work let me know and we can gather some more details and investigate.


No, I can [revoke ownership of this invoice], which I was tempted to try but do not want to prevent further invoices coming from the same supplier.



Hi @Gavin_Bonser

Using the “revoke ownership” option, it applies only to that one invoice. It simply breaks the link for that invoice between you and your supplier, so it becomes just like another invoice on your account.


ok thanks, so will I have to do that every time an invoice comes through from them or can I set it up so it automatically gets assigned to the correct account?


By default it will always go to the default nominal code for the supplier. In any case where you want to change it from that, you would need to break the link.


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